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Mob Wars for Facebook's BEST "HELP ME" TOOL!                

This tool will NOT play your entire Mob Wars game for you.  It wont decide what properties to buy.    

HHH has been designed to help you complete some of the repetitive annoying tasks in the game while improving the social aspect of the game.  The game, after all, IS a Facebook application on a social networking website!   AS ALWAYS WE INSIST YOU WATCH AND PLAY THE GAME YOURSELF.  Don't just let things run and walk away.  You may regret it.   If you are a die hard mob wars player and want some help with leveling speed, hunting, and battling your enemies --- THIS IS YOUR TOOL!   

This is a tool written by serious Mob Wars players for serious Mob Wars players. It will improve your productivity remarkably - but you will still need to make your own major mob decisions!

Each mobster starting out over level 1000 gets a free week to try out the tool.   The tool becomes subscription only when your level is above 1000! This is required to keep development current.   Please support the developer and subscribe.  The cost is kept low and the script is updated regularly. 

DID YOU KNOW?   HitHuntHeal works on MAC, WINDOWS,  and LINUX machines!       Travel frequently?  You can use HHH on any machine you like (or even multiple machines).  The HitHuntHeal license is tied to your mob wars ID, not the machine you use.   Install it on as many machines you like and use it anywhere! You can even us it on multiple machines at the same time (for some creative results in war time).

INSTRUCTIONS --> How do I use this tool?



You should SIT AT YOUR COMPUTER and use the software.   This software enables you to do things faster and more organized - but it does the same things you do by hand.  You set the settings.  You make decisions on your property, weapons and jobs!  The script will not buy your property or  your weapons.  It's not going to arm your mobster.   We've said it before but it's worth reiterating.  IF YOU WALK AWAY AND LET THIS RUN 24x7, WE HOPE YOU GET FROZEN.  We want to improve the Mob Wars game play.   We don't want a computer to just do everything for you.  

Copyright (C) 2010,2011,2012,2013,2014,2015,2016 Gressus Ventures LLC, All rights reserved
Unauthorized use prohibited under penalty of law.  No guarantees have been presented with delivery and use of this software.   All users use at their own risk and benefit.  There is inherent risk involved when using a tool of this nature.  Understand it before you use the software.     There is no guarantee that Mob Wars won't change tomorrow and render this software entirely unless.   We have no intelligent help desk.  HitHuntHeal has no affiliation with Facebook, Mob Wars or any organization that is similar.  We are avid Mob Wars players just like you. This software is developed and maintained AS A HOBBY by Neo..   This software, by it's very nature, understands some of the statistics of your game.  Storing this information is necessary to manage game play.   You agree by using the software to share this information with the game server.  We will not divulge or release your private information without permissions to anyone unless required by law enforcement.   Use of this software is subject to the rights and restrictions of US law as interpreted in the State of Florida, USA. 

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