Many people have asked about helpful bookmarks.  Bookmark the links below.  You will likely find them very useful!


FIREFOX lets you setup multiple profiles on the SAME COMPUTER.

Here's how:
- Find your Firefox start Icon.  It can be in your quick links toolbar or on Start->Program Files->Mozilla Firefox menu.
- Right mouse click the icon.   Choose PROPERTIES.
- The window that opens up will have a "target" entry.  On windows it'll look something like this: 
"C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe"
- You need to add this to the target..
-P -no-remote
- So when you have modified the target it will look like this:
"C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe" -P -no-remote
NOTE there *is* supposed to be a space between the " and the -P. 
- Save your changes.
 - From this point forward when you start firefox a new popup box will come up.   From this box you can add profiles, remove them and rename them.   Treat each profile like it's a totally separate computer.  The configurations, history, add ins, and scripts can all be different.   Many people share a computer with others and more than one player plays mob wars.    If this is the case, create a profile for each of you, install Greasemonkey in each profile, and HHH in each profile.  Now you can set configuration settings for the profile and you never have to swap users when different people log in!     So now you know.  Have fun!!

RECOMMENDATION:   When not leveling or hunting I leave THREE TABS open.  If you open the THREE buttons below you can get a ton done. It just takes three clicks of buttons. Jobs Page - to send/receive gifts, fill top mob
Rackets Page - to fill rackets
Heists Page - to publish and pick up heists. HHH does this WITHOUT SPAMMING YOUR FACEBOOK FEED!!

On another subject it is now possible to use the NEW VERSIONS of Firefox without 'background tabs' slowing down. You have to change a setting in the browser -- but then the background tabs will work the same speed as other tabs. Here's how. In the browser URL field type 'about:config' and hit enter. Accept the 'warning' message that is shown. In the search field enter enter 'dom.min' and hit enter. You should find a line with this name: dom.min_background_timeout_value Double click the line. Change the 1000 to 10. That will reduce the '1 second delay' down to 10 milliseconds (and then background tabs will work just like foreground tabs -- as far as speed goes)
Good luck. Neo

Most people know that HHH can do a specific job for you (by configuring it on the jobs page). HHH will burn energy on the job chosen while leveling or on the burn energy page. What some people don't know is that HHH can also do the jobs CONSECUTIVELY for you on a specific city -- so that you can go through the levels of jobs (and do the boss battles). Try adding some parameters specific to HHH. The key ones are neo=one&reload=.5 So... To do EACH OF the jobs in Mexico city (while you are leveling on another tab) load this URL on a 2nd tab: https://apps.facebook.com/mobwars/jobs/?show_loc=mexico_city&neo=one&reload=.5 The reload=.5 tells the page to reload every 30 seconds. This will make HHH check the energy and if it has >200 energy it will burn it for you using the jobs available. The neo=one variable tells HHH not to do what it "normally" does on the jobs page - but to work through the jobs that are available. When all jobs are done for the tier the page will reload and the boss battle will ensue. When the boss is destroyed then it will go back to burning energy for the jobs again. If you are leveling on a 2nd tab at the same time this will work continually until you've done all of the tiers for the city!

Want to buy a bunch of property but don't want to keep changing the links to "BUY 10 on each item??" You can get HHH to auto-change the links for you on the city page. Load a URL like this:
https://apps.facebook.com/mobwars/city/?show_loc=mexico_city&neo=one The neo=one on this link will tell HHH to change all of the links from BUY 1, to BUY 10 (the most economical way to buy property). Now you can simply click down the list of items to buy and get 10 with each click.

While NEO didn't create the following URL - he thinks it's a great idea. So Neo made HHH act on the page and automatically add 50 mobster requests each day (until Mob Wars says you are done for the day). Go to this URL every day. Click the red HHH link. Add 50 new mobsters to your mob (or at least ASK THEM to add you). The script will remember the people it's already asked and ask new mobsters from the list each time you try.

FACEBOOK seems to be implementing and trying to force many users into running FACEBOOK GAME ROOM. DO NOT INSTALL IT. Some users have been able to click a 'Continue Playing on facebook' and others have not had this option.
This only affects PC's so the easiest way to work around the problem is to convince Mob Wars you are running on a MAC. You can either download/install the User Agent Switcher addon or you can update the User Agent in your browser manually. Do this at your own risk!!!
In the URL area of FIREFOX enter: about:config
RIGHT CLICK on the background of the table that comes up. Choose "New" and then "String"
Enter the preference name: general.useragent.override
Enter string value: Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; Intel Mac OS X 10_10; rv:33.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/51.0.1
Close the window. Restart Firefox. This needs to be done in EACH PROFILE you use that has the problem.

Many people don't realize that there is a 'faster' way to do some things. If you ever find yourself saying "this is taking far too long", open a 2nd tab. HHH will generally run on two tabs just as easily as on one -- so you can burn your energy faster, chain faster etc. Of course there might be side effects for doing so (you might die). The one exception to this is the hospital page. It purposefully stops one of the tabs if it detects that two tabs are running on the hospital page at the same time. This is done to prevent repeated deaths.


JOIN SOMEONE'S MOB - Just click the link, enter the number and you're in their mob (must be friends first)
REMOVE FROM MOB - Remove a user from your mob, just enter the number (avoid searching through pages of names)
GET GIFTS - Search for Gifts sent to you, People Who Want to Add you to Friends List, etc
ACCEPT GIFTS - If you've clicked the facebook link to accept gifts but you haven't accepted them in mob wars, this is a shortcut to the page that lets you accept gifts in mob wars.
SEARCH FOR HEISTS - Look for heists friends of yours are looking for help on.  Way better than searching your log.
HITLIST - Shortcut to the hitlist on the game server (avoiding facebook).  Very good bookmark for starting to hunt..
HOSPITAL - Shortcut to the hospital on the game server (avoiding facebook).  Another good bookmark to start script with.
HEAL - If you have a letter captcha, turn off greasemonkey (click the monkey), then hit this link, answer the captcha, then turn greasemonkey back on and the script will continue.  Fastest way we know to clear a LETTERED captcha.
JOB #1 - Wonder how the made men got millions of jobs in?   Download this link and modify to do what you want.  This link will do 100 jobs for 1 energy each.  Change the link to 1000 and it'll do 1000.   Change the link to 100000 and it'll do 100,000 (assuming you have 100,000 energy).   
JOB #334 - Wonder how some made men have QUADRILLIONS in cash?   First you need TONS of energy.  Next you need a link like this to cash in LOTS of jobs rather than do 10 at a time.   This link does 100 of the TOP CASH jobs (for 4 billion or more each).  Bookmark and change the link to match your max energy and you can burn an entire clip of energy in a single click.
MAX ENERGY/GF REFILL - Want a quick link to refill your energy?   WARNING:  This uses 10 gf pts (just like the one on the godfather page).  But it's fast if you bookmark it on the toolbar and want to burn a bunch of godfather points for energy quickly!!!
HITLIST SOMEONE - Popup a window, ask for a USER # and go direct to their hitlist link!!
RIG SOMEONE - Popup window that asks for MOB USER # and directly RIG THEM.