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How do I install this application?

- This application is a greasemonkey script.  It runs on the FIREFOX browser only.  You must add the GREASEMONKEY extension to Firefox and then HHH (from the link on the main page).

- Greasemonkey is a tool allowing applications to run inside your browser and help you play the game.   HHH will add buttons, provide automation in specific areas and will improve overall game play for Mob Wars.

How to run HHH:

1)  First make sure your Firefox is up to date.  (currently 3.6.13 as of this writing).    4.0 BETA 10 is not officially supported but *DOES WORK* with HHH (when using the latest release of Greasemonkey)

2) Choose "Tools", then "Addons" inside Firefox. Under "Get Add Ons" type in Greasemonkey.   When found, click INSTALL.  After Firefox is restarted it will make a monkey appear at the lower right corner of your Firefox window.

3) Once Greasemonkey is installed, click the link to install HHH on the HitHuntHeal page (

After these three things are accomplished, you should be able to return to Mob Wars (    You should see a new toolbar at the top of the screen with your ID # showing in the Configure button.  Click it.   That page is key to configuration of HHH.   To start leveling quickly, you will need a level partner.  You will want to enter their ID # (the number at the end of the link showing on their profile page).  You will want to, at least, choose Heal Only or Heal Minimally and then Hit as an option for hit pattern.   One is for the person being hit.  The 2nd is for the person hitting.  When set, hit SUBMIT.   Go to Hospital page in Mob Wars (you can click HOSPITAL button on the toolbar). The script should start going to work.   

If you need support or have questions please go to for more information.   You can make up any fake ID/name when you log in.   Do not use a real mobster or family name please!

What this application DOES DO

- It will help you hunt.

- It will heal for you.

- It will hit your level partner or someone you are battling as fast or faster than anything else out there.

- It will do *ALL* of these things at the same time.  *AND FAST*

- If you choose WAR TOOLS, it'll watch a mobster and rig or list them FAST (over and over) should you choose.  It'll chain someone, at your option.   It will provide quick links on mobster profile pages and family pages for a number of useful activities (add to mob, remove from mob, chain, rig, list, etc)

If you are sick of clicking through levels and have a good level partner, this software will help you level more efficiently, faster, and with less abuse of the Mob Wars server.  If configured and tuned properly the server will see very few failed requests.  It only heals when it needs to heal (and by just the right amount), and it hits the number of times you set it to per cycle.   

What this application DOES NOT DO

- It does not buy property.

- It does not buy or sell guns, vehicles or armor.

- It does not add to your mob friend request people or auto-add them to your mob..

- It does not run unattended!!   If you run it unattended you will likely be banned from Mob Wars and possibly from using this utility!

Mob Wars and Scripting, Our Philosophy

We believe in playing the game.   This means you should be an active participant and determine everything your game does.  We believe the software should do what you otherwise were going to do, but take the repetition out of the process.   We believe a good software package helps you do what you are going to do, but doesn't do *everything* for you.   

There has been much debate about scripting on the mob wars database.   We agree that any script that plays the game for you and does everything for you takes the fun out of the game.   Foremost we believe Mob Wars is a social exercise and we want you to be social!!! Chat with friends, strategize, and spend LOTS of money playing the game.  Support Mob Wars.  The game is addictive and fun.  We play it too.  Make friends, influence people and most of all have a blast!

Copyright (C) 2010, 2011, Hit Hunt Heal, All rights reserved
Unauthorized duplication prohibited under penalty of law.  No guarantees have been presented with delivery and use of this software.   All users use at their own risk and benefit.  This software is released under the GNU software license.  You do not own it.  You do not have the right to distribute it.  If someone else wants it, send them to this website.   

The authors have no affiliation with Facebook, Mob Wars or any organization that is similar.  We are avid Mob Wars players just like you.   This software, by it's very nature, understands some of the statistics of your game.  Storing this information is necessary to manage game play.   You agree by using the software to share this information with the game server.  We will not divulge or release your private information without permissions to anyone unless required by law enforcement.   Use of this software us subject to the rights and restrictions of US law as interpreted in the State of Florida, USA. 

Feel free to send us a email if you like the software.  If you don't, we're sure you have something else to do with your time.  

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